The Listener
Real Name Louis Rogers
Power Superhuman hearing
Age 41
Appearance A black-haired man with a smart suit. Other than the gun in his pocket there is nothing to suggest that he isn't an ordinary businessman.
Equipment Gun
Lives In London, England
Relations None
Status In reform
Owner Kumata

The Listener was a very different sort of villain. He would use his power of superhuman hearing to listen in on important and private discussions - between businesses, the government, celebrities, you name it, and then blackmail the involved parties with the threat of revealing all he had heard.


One day he heard Sluice reveal her secret identity to another superhero. Having a particular hatred for superheroes, as they often interfered with his 'work', The Listener broke into Sluice's home and attempted to shoot her as she was coming out of the shower. With so much moisture in the air Sluice was able to create an ice wall and duck for cover; The Listener fired anyway. The shot proved to be his biggest mistake - amplified both by the acoustics of the bathroom and his enhanced hearing, the noise burst both his eardrums. No longer able to hear, The Listener effectively lost his power. He gave up his life of crime and is trying to attain a normal life.

To Save The World!

This character has not yet appeared in the RPG.

Relationship with Other Characters


Abilities and Skills

Louis used to possess the power of SuperHuman hearing, but is now deaf.

When operating as The Listener he carried a gun.