The Ghost Train
Solo Villain
Real Name The Ghost Train
Species Locomotive
Power Can turn intangible, launch hot steam/ash
Age 148
Appearance A rusty black tank engine with a shimmering silver face
Equipment A train of malicious trucks
Home Area The railways of England
Relations Stephenson (creator)
Status Active
Owner Kumata

The Ghost Train is a sentient steam locomotive that hates organic lifeforms.


The Ghost Train was originally created in 1859 by Stephenson. Due to the low-quality materials that were available at the time, its artificial consciousness developed several faults, resulting in it being filled with an obsessive hatred for everything organic. It became an infrequent sight on the railways of England over the years, causing as much havoc and destruction as possible before being stopped.

At one point it battled Lionheart and Sluice. It was defeated that time by having all of the water evaporated from its boiler.

To Save the World!

The Ghost Train, having escaped from its captivity, travelled to the Forest of Dean and began murdering civilians. Sluice and Silver travelled to stop it, and were later joined by Wolf Dancer and Poltergeist. Its boiler was exploded and its remaining parts were left to be cleaned up by authorities.

During the invasion of the Technax Armada The Ghost Train was captured and transported to the Armada Mothership. Technax proposed an alliance with it, explaining that they had more or less the same goal: destroy all humans. The Ghost Train accepted to the alliance and underwent a number of modifications.

Relationship with other Characters

The Ghost Train hates everything organic. Its only goal is to destroy all organic life, beyond that it has no desires. It only tolerates its creator, Stephenson, as he is the one that continuously rebuilds it after its defeats.

Abilities and Skills

The Ghost Train has the ability to shunt itself out of existence temporarily, becoming intangible. It can launch boiling steam and ash from various points across its body.

It has also, at times, brought with it a train of malicious trucks.