The Bat
Solo Villain
Real Name William O'Donneley
Power Night vision, sound manipulation
Age 43
Appearance A hunched, wiry-haired man with a supersuit that can be better described as a bunch of black rags. Personal hygiene is clearly not a priority.
Equipment None
Lives In Bristol, England
Relations Working for Shayne Roberts
Status Deceased
Owner Kumata

A stinking, snarling, mess of a person, most people find The Bat as repulsive as his namesake. The Bat does not care in the slightest as to what people think of him, so long as they do one of two things: follow his orders, or stay out of his way.


The Bat achieved minor notoriety for spearheading several criminal gangs that operated around the city of Bristol. Sluice and Photon were becoming a thorn in his side, so he decided to create a trap for them. He sent five of his super-powered allies to approach Sluice and Photon, posing as heroes that had discovered The Bat's criminal lair. They led Sluice and Photon into The Bat's hideout, a cave in Cheddar Gorge, and attacked the pair. The heroes managed to fight off the villains and escape, alerting the local authorities and several other heroes to the location of the lair. The Bat was subsequently captured and incarcerated in a League prison.

To Save the World!

The Bat was released by Shayne Roberts, on the condition that he would follow the villain's orders. With no other options, The Bat reluctantly agreed.

Relationship with Other Characters


Abilities and Skills

William has the ability to manipulate sound to a minor degree, as well as perfect night vision. He rarely fights himself, however, preferring to order his underlings to do so. He is more intelligent than he looks, but is easily angered and becomes reckless when enraged.