Solo Villain
Real Name Robert Ford
Power superhuman imagination
Age 193
Appearance A grey-skinned man with wispy hair. He looks middle-aged, but as if he has contracted some sort of withering disease. Metal plates have been welded to his chest and limbs.
Equipment Body modifications
Lives In Leeds, England
Relations The Ghost Train (creation)
Status Alive
Owner Kumata

Stephenson is an engineering supervillain who has been alive since Victorian times.


Robert was born in 1814. His childhood was spent tinkering with all manner of mechnical objects and his uncanny engineering ability soon became apparent. Criminals became interested in the inventions he came up with and made several offers to buy from him; with his work being the only thing he cared for, Robert decided to set up an illegal weapon manufacturing business. He chose his alias after George Stephenson.

One of his earliest large projects was The Ghost Train, which would become his most revisited.

Over the years he created mechanical modifications for his own body, including his heart and respiratory system making him functionally immortal.

To Save The World!

He was approached with an offer to ally with Shayne Roberts, but declined.

Relationship with Other Characters

As long as his inventions receive the awe and appreciation he believes they deserve, Robert will supply them to anyone. However his tendency to rob banks and industrial facilities for spare parts sways him on the side of a villain rather than a true neutral. He is egotistical but holds great respect for other esteemed inventors, such as George Stephenson or Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

He is proud of The Ghost Train, and despite its homicidal tendencies he enjoys the challenge of rebuilding and redesigning it after every defeat.

Abilities and Skills

Robert has a superhuman imagination, giving him the ability to conceive and design mechanical items far head of their time. Combined with his expertise in engineering and later robotics, he is an impressive inventor.

He is also functionally immortal and slightly stronger than a normal human due to mechanical modifications made to the vital organs of his body.