Solo Villain
Real Name Samuel Stane
Power None
Age 38
Appearance A heavily plate-armoured man - the armour is a life-support suit, keeping him alive after exposure to the radioactive Thomas Craydon. The armour is coloured bronze and sports a collapsible helmet, pincers, and wrist blasters.
Equipment Life-support suit
Lives In London, England
Relations The Twister (employer), Blur (employee), Null (employee), Void (employee)
Status Deceased
Owner Kumata

Scorpius was a crime lord and ally of The Twister.


History of the character.

To Save the World!

After the invasion of the Technax Armada, their hideout in the Aleutian islands was invaded by a Coalition submersible. Primevil and Grand Cross emerged from it; Scorpius prepared to attack them, but was killed when Primevil transformed into a Triceratops and rammed him.

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Abilities and Skills

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