"Yeah, I know I must seem the sort to go through chicks on a weekly basis, and well, I usually do, but this is different."
Real Name Robert James Parker
Power Can create and manipulate light, flight
Age 24 (TSTW)

33 (TWiOH)

Appearance A tall man with short blonde hair. His supersuit is coloured white with streaks of gold, including a visor that protects him from his own light-based attacks.
Equipment None
Lives In Currently living with Sluice and Silver in Swindon, England
Relations Bullet Master (cousin)
Status Active
Owner Kumata

Photon is a friendly solo hero who lives with Sluice and Silver.


Robert's powers manifested whilst he was at school; he began to unwittingly hover out of his seat and was sent to the headmaster's office for misbehaving.

To Save the World

As the invasion went on, Photon travelled around England, barely eating or sleeping as he fought to defend civilians. When the destruction of the mothership occurred the sky above England was illuminated by a bright green glow. Photon noticed this and couldn't help thinking of his flatmates, and whether they were safe.

The World in Our Hands

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Our Hands.

Relationship with Other Characters

Relationships and personality.

Abilities and Skills

Robert possesses the ability to create and manipluate light, as well as the ability to fly.