Coalition of Corruption
Real Name Harvey Wong
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Age 35
Home Tokyo, Japan
Relatives None
Status Deceased
Owner Kumata

Origami was a member of the Coalition of Corruption.


Rings of PowerEdit

To Save The World!Edit

Origami was sent to a museum in Japan to recover the half of the Eye of Ra that was on display there. However, he encountered Sluice, Silver and Jack Frost. After a battle he was subdued

Relationship with Other CharactersEdit


Abilities and SkillsEdit

Harvey had the ability to create and manipulate paper. He was a master of origami and would shape paper into a number of intricate forms, such as a flock of razor-edged swans to deliver a flurry of papercuts. Although many of his fellow Coalition members made fun of his power, he was nonetheless a formidable fighter.