Order of Extortion
Headquarters Underground Complex, Washington, D.C.
Additional Bases Underground bunkers in the capital cities of many nations
Leader(s) Camouflage

Spark (Formerly)

Objectives Make a Profit

Founded over a decade ago by the late Spark, the Order of Extortion is a faction of mercenaries that operate out of Washington, D.C. They came together to capitalize on the tensions between the League of Salvation and the Coalition of Corruption, selling information to both sides. Despite the League's deep-running hatred of them, the superheroes are unable to get rid of them, as the Order is willing to do their dirty work, and will often go on suicide missions if paid enough. The Coalition, meanwhile, are convinced that the Order will side with them for the right price, so they do nothing to wipe them out, either.




Field Agents


Former Members