Mr. Magnet
Solo Villain
Real Name Martin Cox
Power Ferrokinetics
Age 44
Appearance A man clad in blue-and-black spandex with silver armour plating and helmet.
Equipment None
Lives In London, England
Relations None
Status Deceased
Owner Kumata

The man known as Mr. Magnet was one of a rare few who successfully left the Coalition of Corruption to pursue his own goals. Originally a solo hero, he joined the Coalition out of a desire to wreak havoc, and then became a solo villain when he decided that he did not like the feeling of being an insignificant cog in a vast machine.


At some point he killed the mother of Wolf Dancer.

To Save the World!

Whilst working for Ruk van Duff he encountered Wolf Dancer, who killed him in a fit of rage.

Relationship with Other Characters

He had a very high opinion of himself, and liked to believe that he was manipulating those whom he served under.

Abilities and Skills

Martin possessed formidable magnetic abilities, as well as Coalition hand-to-hand combat training.