Coalition of Corruption
Real Name Michael Dawes
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Age 34 (TSTW)

43 (TWiOH)

Home Queens, New York
Relatives None
Status Alive
Owner Kumata

Meltdown is a reckless member of the Coalition of Corruption.


Michael spent years working in various power plants across America. His abilities developed suddenly and unexpectedly one day, causing serious damage at his then-current workplace. Although the authorities could not figure out what had happened Michael's coworkers were convinced that he had deliberately tried to sabotage the place, and began treating him coldly. Frustrated by his inability to prove his innocence, Michael ended up seriously injuring one of them when his powers surfaced during a heated argument. All other witnesses claimed that he caused the injury on purpose, and he was jailed for the assault.

However, his frustrations only grew. He broke out of jail, seeking to prove his innocence, but ended up injuring several Police officers during their attempt to re-capture him and he was detained for a longer time. He broke out again, this time seeking help to control his abilities. He was confronted by a SuperHero on the way though, and his accidental usage of his abilities were misconstrued as an attack. He was once again jailed, and by this point his frustrations had reached their limit. He decided that if the world was so determined to treat him as a monster, then he would give them that monster. He broke out for a third time, this time purposefully using his abilities to cause harm and creating the alias Meltdown.

To Save The World!Edit

After the invasion of the Technax Armada he was sent to the North Pole in order to create a basin for the Coalition's new base to be built. To do this he unleashed his powers in full, an act he greatly enjoyed.

The World in Our Hands Edit

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Our Hands.

Relationship with Other CharactersEdit

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Abilities and SkillsEdit

Michael can generate plasma, however, his level of control over this power is very basic - he is unable to do much more than fling bursts of plasma at an enemy. It also activates during times of high emotion. Due to the unstable nature of his powers the Coalition often assigns him to missions with an aim of destruction.

Michael possesses a slight resistance to his own powers, and his supersuit is made of a plasma-proof material.