Mary Winters
Real Name Mary Jane Winters
Power None
Age 48
Appearance Resembles Sarah in part; is quite buxom and has her hair tied up into a bun.
Lives In Bristol, England
Relations Michael Winters (husband), Sluice (daughter), Jack Frost (son), Douglas Goldman (father)
Status Alive
Owner Kumata

Mary Winters (née Goldman) is the mother of Sarah Winters.


Mary Goldman met and fell in love with Michael Winters. After a year of dating they married, but a few months later Mary's job required that she spend a year in Canada. As they had little money between them Michael could not afford to come and live with her, thus they were separated for a year. Depressed and lonely, she had an affair with a man named Tómas. Afterward they agreed that they were both in the wrong; Mary still loved her husband and Tómas had no desire to come between a happily married couple. However, it transpired that Mary had become pregnant. As the baby was unplanned, and its presence would only cause disruption, Mary and Tómas gave it up for adoption, though not before naming it: Walter Winters. The entire experience was one Mary would regret for the rest of her life. She confessed to her husband what had happened, and their relationship very nearly came to an end. But the birth of Sarah Winters a year later reminded the pair of how much they really loved each other, and their marriage has been strong ever since.

When it transpired that their daughter had powers, she and Michael forbade her to use them out of fear that she would put herself into unnecessary danger. However, when years later Sluice revealed her secret identity to them they were wholly understanding, and happy that she had become such a devoted and competent hero.

To Save the World!

Mary was visited by Sarah shortly after the battle aganist Cosmic. They spoke about Sarah's exploits before a horde of zombies prompted her to leave again.

Relationship with Other Characters

Mary's marriage to Michael is one that has stood the test of time; despite her infidelity they simply love each other too much to separate. She is very considerate and worries about his health, and for years has nagged him to stop smoking.

Mary loves her daughter with all her heart, and is incredibly proud of what she has achieved as a hero. Though she does not like to see Sarah come to any harm she understands and respects her daughter's motivations, and always tries to be supportive.

Abilities and Skills

Mary has no outstanding abilities or skills.