"0101001101100001011101000110010101101100011011000110100101110100011001010111001100101110 01010011011101010110001101101000 011101110110111101101110011001000110010101110010011001100111010101101100 011101000110100001101001011011100110011101110011001011100010111000101110"
(Translation: "Satellites. Such wonderful things...")
The New Coalition
Real Name Matthew Wright
Power Manchine is a cyborg, but with no actual power
Age 39
Appearance Varies between different bodies, but is usually a hulking mess of armour, cybernetics and flesh, with all sorts of wires and blades sticking out.
Equipment Various mechanical parts; computer wire dreadlocks
Home Area Originally from Silicon Valley, California, but is now of no fixed abode.
Relations None
Status Active
Owner BZPower - Wyrd Bid Ful Araed (Inactive)

The cyborg Manchine was a high-ranking member of the Coalition of Corruption, and was potentially their greatest technological mind. After Doctor Danger's attempted suicide, Manchine broke off fom the Coalition to create his own organization.


Matthew Wright was a technician and scientist with a brilliant mind for electronics. He became very proud and egotistical due to the praise he received for his inventions. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer of the brain at the young age of sixteen, and given only a few months to live at most. Furious, he turned to his work, forging himself a body and transferring his consciousness into it. It didn't take him long to realise that in this body he had the power to do anything he wanted.

Manchine joined the Coalition of Corruption so that he had powerful friends to break him out of jail should he ever be imprisoned.

To Save The World!

Having recently discovered that the SuperHeroes Blade-Angel and Wolf-Man had made their home above his massive Nevada lair, Manchine decided to eliminate them by sending robotic birds to attack them. When the two Heroes, with Sluice's help, defeated the machines and infiltrated his lair, he manipulated a series of traps to wear them out before they found him.

After maneuvering successfully through these traps, Manchine took a more direct route and teleported the Heroes to him. He captured them through various means, and intended to implant them with mind-control devices, rendering them servents of Doctor Danger. Before he could, however, the Heroes launched a counterattack, which Silver completed by chopping the cyborg's head off.

Manchine uploaded his consciousness into a body in the Coalition's Alpine headquarters and managed to prevent his lair from completely exploding. He then began constructing machinery for Doctor Danger, including a mind-controling headset and ten unique robots to be used in incapacitating the rest of the Coalition. After managing to subdue the recently captured Illyana Alexsandr, he sent a ransom message to the League via satellite.

Relationship with Other Characters

Though he has great enthusiasm for technology, Manchine abhors living as a cyborg. In general he is aggressive and sadistic.

Abilities and Skills

Manchine possesses an unparalleled affinity for technology, which is augmented by the robotic portion of his cyborg nature. He has built himself many different bodies, rendering him essentially immortal. Each body has different properties and abilities, and he frequently transfers his consciousness from one body to another to perform various tasks.