League of Salvation
League Emblem
Headquarters Mentor's Mansion
Additional Bases Bases in every major city in the world
Leader(s) ALPHA Commission
Objectives To rid the world of crime and protect the innocent

The League of Salvation is an international peacekeeping force affiliated with the United Nations. While its members are predominantly SuperHuman, to the point where the League is often said to be the largest SuperHero organization in the world, membership is open to any being with benevolent intent. This mission of goodwill has grown the League into an entity beyond jurisdiction - the League is considered by many to be the sole authority in the fight against SuperHuman crime, answering only to the United Nations' ALPHA Commission.


The League of Salvation was originally founded in 1993, when a number of SuperHero teams began to band together to combat the growing threat of the Coalition of Corruption.

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The complex beneath Mentor's mansion functions as the headquarters of the League.

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