Jack Frost
Real Name Walter Winters
Power Cryokinetic
Age 25
Appearance Scandinavian features, simple, practical costume in blue and white
Equipment None
Lives In Canada
Relations Sluice (half-sister), Tómas Eriksen (father), Mary Winters (mother)
Status Active
Owner BZPower - Wyrd Bid Ful Araed (Inactive)

Jack Frost is a Canadian SuperHero and member of the Superhuman Legal Authority.


Walter Winters was the illegitimate child of Mary Winters and Tómas Eriksen. Believing her husband could not love a child born of an affair, Mary gave Walter up for adoption. He was taken in by a new set of parents almost immediately, and possessed no memory of his true parents. Rather than reveal that his parents had abandoned him, Walter's adoptive parents told him that they had died in an aeroplane crash.

Walter was born with powers. He studied law and took a job as a prosecutor for the S.L.A. He viewed it as a perfect means to gain access to information regarding local criminals. He performed his job to the best of his ability, and hunted down any criminals who escaped sentencing as his alter ago, Jack Frost.

To Save The World!

Jack Frost used a blizzard to flash-freeze a group of burglars in a getaway car, whom Whiplash killed after he left the scene. Later on he caught up with Whiplash and the two fought until the Police arrived. Whiplash morphed into a Policeman and ordered the others after Jack Frost, forcing him to flee the scene.

Relationship with Other Characters

Walter is a generally quiet and observant person. He considers making friends a low priority and is much more driven by his hero work. His hatred for lawbreakers is strong, to the point that he is willing to kill. It is for this reason that he has not joined the League of Salvation, as they strictly forbid killing.

He is somewhat curious about his recently-revealed half-sister, Sarah.

Abilities and Skills

Walter is cryokinetic; he can create and manipulate ice.