User(s) Ikusen Sakeme (Formerly), Mirai Suisei (Formerly), Mirai's Seven (Formerly), Sluice (Formerly)
Creator(s) Unknown Japanese sword-maker
Classification Personal Weapon
Purpose Melee Combat
Functions Becomes coated with psychic energy; House Ikusen Sakeme's spirit
Status Destroyed

The Ikusakeme was a katana that was created during the Feudal era of Japan. It was named after its owner, Ikusen Sakeme, and in fact contained his spirit for over four hundred years. It was given to Mirai as a gift, so that Ikusen's spirit could exact an assassination plot. After Mirai's death, it was carried by Haruki, occasionally by Graham and Francois when Mirai's Seven was formed, and finally by Sluice. After a climactic battle at Sujou Plains, the sword was purged of all spiritual presence and destroyed.

It resembled an ordinary katana, but due to the will of the psychic housed inside it could be coated in a layer of psychic energy and seemed virtually indestructible.