League of Salvation
Real Name Unknown
Species Human (SuperHuman)
Age 34 (TSTW)

43 (TWiYH)

Home Tampa, Florida
Relatives None
Status Active
Owner Kumata

Extrasensory is a quiet and secretive member of the League of Salvation who lives at the Tampa Bureau.


Purple and green spandex supersuit.  


Little is known about Extrasensory's origins as he refuses to talk about them. Fourteen years ago he simply appeared at the Tampa Bureau, asking to join the League. After keeping him for a trial period to ensure that he wasn't an enemy spy, the residents of the Bureau accepted.  

To Save the World!Edit

During Sluice, Silver and Wolf Dancer's visit to the Tampa Bureau, Extrasensory noticed Tómas following behind Sluice and attacked him in a corridor. However, Sluice assured him that Tómas was an ally, and he relented.

Later, he joined several other League members at Lake Sujou in cleaning up the aftermath of Ikusen Sakeme's attempt at world domination.

During the invasion of the Technax Armada, he, the rest of the Tampa Bureau heroes and X-Calibur battled Skeletal Soldiers at the Florida State Capitol Building.  

The World in Your HandsEdit

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Your Hands.  


Extrasensory has the ability to speak, but only does so when necessary. Because of this he is not very close with anyone. However, his fellow League members at the Tampa Bureau trust him as he has saved their lives, and those of innocents, on numerous occasions.  

Powers, Abilities, and EquipmentEdit

Extrasensory is possessed of formidable telepathic and telekinetic powers, although their full extent is unknown. He has also trained to make his own mind completely immune to external influence. He has been trained in basic hand-to-hand combat but prefers to fight at long range.