Real Name Victor Alfonso Duwor
Power Pyrokinesis, flight, superhuman strength and endurance
Age 35 (TSTW)

43 (TWiOH)

Appearance Dyrnwyn's skin is coloured a corpse-like grey and is surrounded by blue flames.
Equipment None
Lives In Cardiff, Wales
Relations None
Status Alive
Owner Kumata

Dyrnwyn is a troubled SuperHero and former villain.



At this time Dyrnwyn was an ordinary human villain. He was hired by the Union of Apokálypsis to gather machine parts, though he did not know what for. As he was delivering the last part X-Calibur, Photon and Wolfbite attacked. He tried to fight them off but Wolfbite overpowered him. He revealed all he knew before being gassed into unconsciousness.

Later he encountered the alien Apocalypse in an alleyway, weakened and with damaged armour. He decided that the alien would be a useful ally.


Servants of The Twister captured Dyrnwyn and Apocalypse and took them to his secret facility on Sol Island. For months Dyrnwyn was subjected to numerous Omega Radiation experiments. His powers increased tenfold but he mutated into a grey-skinned form with reduced mental capacity. He was encountered and freed by X-Calibur and subsequently helped the League of Salvation to thwart The Twister's plan, culminating in his killing the traitorous hero Blueprint. Afterward, he willingly surrendered himself to be imprisoned in Confinement.

To Save the WorldEdit

During Cancer's attack on Confinement, Dyrnwyn got into a fight with several escaping villains and ended up falling into the ocean. He drifted out of range of the area's power-nullifying field, and flew away in a rage.

The World in Our Hands Edit

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Our Hands.

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