"Every time I put one of my schemes into effect, I get stopped and thrown in jail. I escape, I plan again, I get stopped and thrown in jail. Escape, plan, jail, escape, plan, jail. It gets so wearing! And now that I'm the most wanted man on the face of the planet my only option is to destroy that planet and everything on it!"

Doctor Danger
The New Coalition
Real Name Otto Creel
Power High Intelligence and Eidetic Memory
Age 70
Appearance Currently he is just a head, wired up to a big blocky machine that keeps him alive. He is totally bald, and while one green eye survived, the other is cybernetic
Equipment Life-support machine
Home Area Eastern Europe
Relations None
Status Alive, as a head
Owner BZPower - Wyrd Bid Ful Araed (Inactive)

Doctor Danger is one of the founding members of the Coalition of Corruption, and acted as its leader for nearly thirty-seven years. He is currently believed dead after his most recent scheme backfired.


To Rule the World!

Dr Danger Young

A younger Doctor Danger

To Save the World


Doctor Danger before his attempted suicide

Summary of what they did in the RPG.

Relationship with Other Characters

Though he used to possess a great passion for villainy and a strong desire for world domination, since his numerous failures Otto has become weary of the world and just wants to be put to rest.

During his years as leader of Coalition of Corruption, he generally acted level-headed until one of his plans were thwarted or went wrong, at which point he would fly into an intense rage. Many times only the efforts of his fellow founders could calm him down.

Abilities and Skills

Otto is without a doubt the most intelligent man on the planet. On top of that he possesses a perfect memory. Both of these allow him to store vast amounts of information and perform incredibly complex calculations flawlessly. He possesses extensive knowledge in every field of science, and has invented a number of devices and mechanisms which are far beyond humanity's collective capability.

Though he is without fighting skills, when he possessed a body Otto was sure to carry a number of weapons and gadgets for self-defense.