Coalition of Corruption
Real Name Adrian Whitley
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Age 28
Home Los Angeles, California
Relatives None
Status Active
Owner Kumata

Dirge is an obedient member of the Coalition of Corruption.



The Coalition loaned Dirge to The Twister, who ordered that Dirge steal embryos from a stem cell research facility in Australia. However, as Dirge was carrying out the mission he encountered Silver. After a brief battle he managed to flee with slightly less embryos than planned, and travelled to Sol Island. Once there he was attacked by Dyrnwyn and restrained by members of the League.

To Save The World!Edit

Shortly after Midnight took over the Coalition, Dirge was made part of one of many groups sent out to cause random destruction.

During the invasion of the Technax Armada, the Coalition Tiltrotor Dirge was traveling in crashed, breaking both of his legs. He was treated with a bone-restoration formula, courtesy of Aquarius, and was able to resume work as per usual.

After the invasion he and numerous other members of the Coalition took refuge in the Sinful Saloon. Here they were addressed by Grand Cross and Mr. Mystery, who announced their taking command of the organisation.

The World in Our Hands Edit

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Our Hands.

Relationship with Other CharactersEdit

Dirge is generally happy to carry out orders and enjoys fighting. He is unquestionably loyal to the Coalition and looks down upon members who aren't.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Adrian has the power to alter the flow and vibration of air, allowing him to control wind and sound respectively. He is skilled enough with his abilities to use them to fly.

His supersuit is fire- and shock-proof.

He has been trained to pilot a Coalition tiltrotor.