Dinah Mo
Solo Villain
Real Name Dianne Moritz
Power Electrokinesis
Age 28
Appearance Wears a blue supersuit covered in jagged white lines.
Equipment None
Lives In Bristol, England
Relations None
Status Alive
Owner Kumata

Dinah Mo is an aggressive solo villain.


Dianne Moritz fell into a bad lot at school, and was shoplifting frequently by the age of sixteen. One day, whilst trying to escape authorities, she took a shortcut through a power station during a heavy storm. A bolt of lightning struck a nearby generator, which exploded, engulfing her in thousands of volts of electricity - but instead of being killed, she instead acquired the ability of electrokinesis. She quickly took to using her powers to better commit crimes, and when the local gang leaders got wind of her she began hiring out her villainous services.

The hero Sluice encountered Dinah Mo during her first week of crimefighting. Dinah Mo nearly killed the hero within minutes, but was defeated by Lionheart.

A few months later Dinah Mo came into conflict with Sluice again, as well as another hero, Cannonball. Dinah Mo put up a fierce fight and maintained the upper hand until Sluice was able to surround her in water, causing her powers to short-circuit.

To Save the World

This character has not yet appeared in the RPG.

Relationship with Other Characters


Abilities and Skills

Dianne can create, control and manipulate electricity. She can absorb it for additional power too, but she is not immune to it, so if she exceeds her maximum electrical capacity - or is struck by electricity without having time to absorb it - she can still be electrocuted.

She wears a suit made of a special material that slightly enhances her physical strength and endurance.