Coalition of Corruption
Real Name Nero Scarlett
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Age 24
Home Rome, Italy
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Status Active
Owner Kumata

Demon is a member of the Coalition of Corruption who has secretly allied himself with Shayne Roberts.



To Save The World!

Demon was with Invis-O in a cave lair in the middle of the Alps when Kigame came in. Invis-O ordered Demon to attack the boy, which Demon did. However, Kigame used his power against him and defeated him.

Later, Demon was offered an alliance with Shayne, which he accepted.

Relationship with Other Characters

Demon is unquestioningly obedient, but can become frustrated when his talents go unappreciated. He has a tendency to be overconfident, which coupled with his unimpressive intelligence makes him a medium threat at best.

Abilities and Skills

Demon has the ability to create an enlarged projection of solid energy around his right arm; this projection is shaped like the arm and will mimic its movements. The energy is impenetrable and will only dissipate if he wills it or if he is knocked unconscious.