"What, you don't know? I thought I was infamous by now! Guess I've got to work harder... Darkness, Tin Man. Psychic, skilled at being bad and stabbing things... and I like to think doing so with a certain flair of style."
Solo Villain
Real Name Mitchell Shadows
Species Half Human, Half Crystaxian
Power Psychics; Invisibility
Age 23
Appearance As a twisted version of Silver, Darkness appears as a scarred and more physically attractive version of Silver, with a more spiked hairstyle and a badboy look. He wears a long, tattered black hooded cloak, which hides his face from view.
Equipment None
Home Area Currently roaming the USA
Relations Silver (original entity that he separated from) Rush (girlfriend)
Status Active
Owner Transairion

Darkness is the evil half of the hero Silver.


Darkness has existed within Silver for years. Silver's particular moral judgement suppressed his darker thoughts repeatedly, forming an almost split personality entirely: one that was nothing but the darker thoughts given voice. Still, the suppression of Silver's mind was greater than Darkness could overcome... but as the hero's life took a tragic turn, more and more opportunities to creep to the surface appeared, and Darkness took every opportunity to try and wrest full control of the body for himself.

To Save The World!

Summary of what they did in the RPG.

Relationship with Other Characters

Darkness can be considered 'evil' in every sense - he is aggressive, rude, selfish, lazy and violent. However, he doesn't mind joining in the activities of others so long as they amuse him.

He liked committing crimes with Rush enough to call her his girlfriend, and is depressed now that he thinks she is dead.

Due to possessing most of Silver's memories, he has an attraction for Sluice, although the attraction is physical only.

Abilities and Skills

Darkness possesses the same abilities that Silver did when the two separated. As well as standard telepathy, telekinesis and random precognitive ability, Darkness has several techniques:

- Psychic Blast (a wall-like blast of mental energy)

- Psychic Wristblade (curved blades of energy from his wrists)

- Psychic Buzzsaw (Whirling rounded blades that are directed through the air)

- Psychic Nova (an expanding dome, essentially a psychic blast)

Darkness also possesses the ability to become invisible. Whilst invisible he is neither silent nor weightless, and to other invisible beings he will appear as if he is under a fluorescent light.

On top of this, Darkness is also uniquely not even truly human, composed of a semi-liquid, semi-solid black goop that can only be labelled as "Dark Matter". This Dark Matter composition essentially gives Darkness immortality, in the fact that any lethal action only seems to return him to a goopy state which will reform. It's origin is unknown, as is Darkness himself.