Coalition of Corruption
Real Name Martin Foreman
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Age 34
Home Salt Lake City, Utah
Relatives None
Status Active
Owner Kumata

Catastrophe is a member of the Coalition of Corruption who spreads bad luck wherever he goes.


Martin had powers at birth, although no-one knew it. His parents died shortly after he was born, and from there on each subsequent carer met with unfortunate accidents, denying him a stable upbringing. At school his classmates noticed the tendency for bad things to happen around him, and thus he was shunned. After school he worked as an electrician but was never able to hold down a job for very long, due to bad things always happening whenever he worked a shift.

One day he was passing a group of Police officers as they apprehended a member of the Coalition of Corruption. One of the officer's guns went off, causing enough of a commotion that the villain could escape. He grabbed Martin to use as a hostage, when he slipped in a puddle and hit his head on the sidewalk, knocking himself out and allowing the Police to re-capture him. A few days later Martin was approached by the same villain, who had broken out of custody. The villain explained to Martin his belief that Martin had some sort of probability-altering power, and offered him a place in the Coalition. As it was the first time in his life he had actually been wanted somewhere, Martin accepted the offer almost immediately.


As Catastrophe, Martin was ordered by Doctor Danger to travel with Thompson to foil The Twister's plan, as revenge for The Twister causing two Coalition members to get captured. They flew to New York and encountered Omega. After a brief fight Catastrophe was knocked unconscious.

To Save The World!Edit

Shortly after Midnight took over the Coalition, Catastrophe was appointed part of one of many groups sent out to cause random destruction.

After the invasion of the Technax Armada he and numerous other members of the Coalition took refuge in the Sinful Saloon. Here they were addressed by Grand Cross and Mr. Mystery, who announced their taking command of the organisation.

The World in Our Hands Edit

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Our Hands.

Relationship with Other CharactersEdit

Although he is generally happy to work with any member of the Coalition, they tend to avoid him so as not to be influenced by his power.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Martin's body is continuously exerting an aura of negative probability manipulation in a ten-foot radius, otherwise known as 'bad luck'. The power does not affect him, only those around him - meaning that the Coalition's main use for him is to simply send him somewhere they want things to go wrong. Martin has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, his success in which is exacerbated by his power.

He has an above-average knowledge of electricals.

He tried to learn how to pilot a Coalition Tiltrotor, but they kept developing technical problems.