Solo Villain
Real Name Bernard Lawrence Smith
Power Super-speed, and the ability to survive at such speeds/to tolerate the whiplash of suddenly stopping. He can go from nought to one hundred miles per hour in under thirty seconds, and if he has time to build up speed can exceed Mach One.
Age 26
Appearance Supersuit and helmet resemble the outfit of a racing driver, coloured pale blue with silver stripes. His hair is brown and messy, and his expression usually always surly.
Equipment None
Lives In All over England
Relations Speedfreak (father), Rush (sister)
Status Incarcerated
Owner Kumata

Surprisingly serious for a villain with superhuman speed, Blur treats supervillainy as if it were work, and derives no real enjoyment from it. He is generally hostile and will not back down from a challenge, but is careful not to get on the bad side of anyone who will later make him regret it. He cares deeply for his sister, Rush, and strives to protect her whenever he can.


Bernard grew up in Newcastle with his little sister, Roseanne. Their mother died shortly after giving birth to Rose, and their father was an abusive alcoholic who abandoned them when he was sixteen. Bernard took it upon himself to look after her. Even when money became hard to come by, and Bernard turned to organised crime to pay the bills, he refused to let Rose get caught up in the same fate. However, he was too suffocating in his desire to protect her, and she rebelled against him whenever she could.

At the age of eighteen, Blur showed promise as a supervillain by defeating Centurion. This drew the attention of the crime lord Syndicate, who employed Blur. At the age of twenty-one Blur discovered that his sister planned to turn to crime as well; he protested strongly but could not stop her from assuming the identity of Rush, and the siblings ceased contact.

At the age of twenty-three Blur failed to pull off a particularly important heist, and was hunted as a result. Rush learned of her brother's predicament and teamed up with him to defeat the assassin, somewhat patching things up between them. Shortly after this Syndicate was captured by members of the League and his organisation disbanded.

At the age of twenty-four Blur acquired work in the employ of Scorpius. Rush dated his fellow employee Graviton for a while, and when they decided to break up Blur was careful to 'warn' Graviton to do so nicely.

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