League of Salvation
Real Name Nathaniel Brown
Species Human (SuperHuman)
Age 27
Home Manhattan, New York
Relatives None
Status Deceased
Owner Kumata

One of the League's engineering experts, Blueprint was rarely seen to leave the Headquarters in New York. He had no particular fighting skills and felt at home tinkering with new designs. It was he who designed the League Jets that are in use today.


Gelled-back hair and a supersuit made of loose blue fabric, slightly resembling overalls.



Blueprint liked to experiment with all manner of materials, some of them dangerous or illegal. He began shopping on the black market for resources, and wound up falling into debt with The Twister. He was forced to design the Omega Bomb and X-Calibur's Energy Machete, and to take part in Project Genesis by pretending to aid the League in their search for the bomb. His betrayal was eventually revealed, and despite protests from X-Calibur Dyrnwyn killed Blueprint in a flash of rage.

To Save the World!Edit

This character died before the events of To Save the World!.


Blueprint was well acquainted with many of the League members that use mechanical equipment, having helped them design and build a large majority of it.

Powers, Abilities, and EquipmentEdit

Blueprint had the ability to formulate a design for any possible device, which he would then transfer onto blueprints. He was a qualified mechanical engineer and had been trained in basic hand-to-hand combat for those rare times when he embarked on missions.