Coalition of Corruption
Real Name Olivia Lycett
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Age 35
Home Waterford, Ireland
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Status Active
Owner Azophel


History of the character.

To Save The World!

When Manchine organized a mass breakout of Confinement, Blowhard and Impact escaped together.

Relationship with Other Characters

Blowhard is extremely egotistical, believing wholeheartedly that she is superior to others. At times this superiority complex coincides with the Coalition's beliefs that SuperHumans are better than regular humans, and other times she acts like she runs the Coalition. She is generally assigned to missions where she is granted a leadership role, as she has shown in the past to automatically assume that role whether it is her place or not, to the point of causing infighting and failure.

Abilities and Skills

Blowhard has the power of superhuman breath - that is, she is able to inhale enormous quantities of air, far larger than her lungs should physically be able to hold. She is then able to exhale this air with hurricane-force strength, either using the gust to propel herself or in a devastating destructive gale.