Solo Villain / League of Salvation
Real Name Unknown
Power Superhuman strength; enhanced senses, clawlike fingernails
Age 32
Appearance A large grizzly-looking man with a barrel chest and thick forearms.
Equipment None
Home Area England (city unknown)
Relations Shayne Roberts (ally)
Status Active
Owner Kumata (formerly Kigame)

Bear is a simple sort of person. He doesn't like his life to be complicated; he likes to have someone above him in authority at all times, giving orders so that he may dutifully fulfil them. This is why he does not particularly enjoy acting as a double-agent for Shayne Roberts, and has insisted many times that they drop the facade altogether.


Bear's powers were acquired during a chemical accident at the age of twenty-eight. Soon after he became a solo hero.

At the age of thirty, Bear battled Mr. Magnet at London Zoo, where the villain was releasing the animals. Bear prevented the animals from escaping, but lost his battle with the villain.

At the age of thirty-one, he was invited to join the League of Salvation.

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